Prioritizing Parts Installation

Let’s pretend you want a car that is more fuel-efficient, has better performance, and can be customized from fenders to fenders. This might seem complicated and time-consuming, but if you prioritize installations and make sure they are completed within a reasonable amount of time, the project will be less stressful and more cost-effective. The following are examples of priority installation options you might consider making:

1. Cold-Air Intake

This replaces the manufacturer’s original airbox. The accessory provides more airflow than the original, restrictive one, which improves acceleration, and fuel economy.

2. Cat-Back Exhaust

Also known as a catalytic conversion-back exhaust, the cat-back system is coupled with an air intake to allow air taken into the engine to escape easily. Additionally, it provides a greater cooling capability. A cat-back exit has the primary benefits of enhancing acceleration and improving fuel economy. This type is used to enhance the exhaust magnitude and often includes resonators.

3. Strut Tower Braces

Also known as Strut tower braces or strut bars. These braces are placed at the top end of the car’s front suspensions to distribute equal force on both sides. These braces help keep your tires on the road even when you’re driving on rough or bumpy roads. Strut bars provide better handling.

4. Computer Tune

A computer tuning is an optimization of car performance. This can be done with a handheld device that has a tuning profile that the manufacturer provides. Computer tunes optimize horsepower for an engine and can display performance results in real-time. A programmer can adjust air-to-fuel ratios and other settings using a dynamometer. This will maximize horsepower and torque.

5. High-Performance Tires

We have only focused on aftermarket performance components for cars. These parts can increase the driving experience internally, but the real benefit is when the rubber hits the road. High-performance cars need high-performance rubber tires. You wouldn’t wear sandals if you had to go to work. Why would you choose tires that won’t withstand the demands of high-performance racing?

High-performance tires offer better handling and fuel economy. They also extend the life of tires. Many factors influence the tire’s cost: brand name, tread design (including circumference), profile width, and tread design.

6. Hid Headlights

High-intensity discharge headlamps (HID) use a secondary amplifier that has special gasoline. The result is a headlamp that shines extraordinarily bright. HID headlights can increase the distance between the vehicle and the road by up to two times when they are equipped with projector-based lens focus.

7. Spark Plugs/Wires

Although spark plugs & wires don’t often get considered aftermarket performance components, they are essential for sparking your car and reducing electrical interference. You get a better fuel economy, which is a key aspect of any high-performance tuner vehicle.

We Need Quality Performance Parts!

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