Hotels-AccommodationsChoosing a hotel- Some pointers

Choosing a hotel- Some pointers


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Choosing the appropriate hotel is always a challenge, and with the vast array of promos, offers, and programmes available, it may be much more so. It doesn’t help that most hotels now have websites with mouthwatering photographs and slick advertising language that make you imagine you’ll be drenched in luxury the moment you walk into the lobby. How do you know if a hotel will live up to its billing – and, more importantly, if it is the perfect hotel for you?

Because every traveler’s demands are different, you’ll need to decide what’s most essential to you while looking for a hotel. We’ve broken down the hotel selection process to make it easier for you to pick the perfect hotel for your vacation, whether you’re searching for a great value, a fantastic location, or a terrific b&b.

What is most important?

Before you start looking for a place to stay, consider what kind of amenities you want and what your budget will allow. Is location more important than price, or are you confined to hotels that cost less than $150 a night? Do you require a hotel with a pool for your children, or would you like to stay in a modest resort with plenty of local charm?

After you’ve settled on your top priority, you may narrow down your search. The most prevalent deciding criteria in selecting a hotel, as well as methods for locating places that meet each demand, are included below.

Tip: Use the booking engines to see what’s available and compare rates at the places you’re interested in, then go directly to the hotel’s web site to book – most hotels guarantee the lowest cost when you book directly through their site, and will match a lower deal you discover elsewhere.

Amenities: when searching for a hotel, most of the main hotel booking systems enable you to choose particular facilities, such as a fitness centre, rooftop pool, or restaurant.

Family-friendliness: if you’re planning a trip with the kids, look for special offers and rules that are family-friendly. Our brand-new family travel site,, should be your first destination for hotel and resort evaluations; we also like the hotel reviews at Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the top 10 family resorts. Check out family vacation critic’s family travel offers and our own family deals area for the best prices.

Frequent flyer miles and loyalty programmes: If you travel frequently or belong to a frequent flier programme, joining a hotel reward programme may be worthwhile. Not only may you earn points for a future hotel stay, but if your hotel is affiliated with your frequent flier programme, you may also be able to earn miles. To find a list of qualified partners, go to the website of your hotel or airline. Many plans also let you use your points to pay for things like cruises, vehicle rentals, and entertainment.

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