How hotels can be attractive to couples looking for romantic experiences

Want to attract more honeymooners, couples, and newlyweds to your hotel? If you want to attract couples to your hotel, you must create a romantic ambiance, provide exceptional service, and make sure they are happy.

With this in mind, we have compiled these top tips to bring more couples to your Hotel.

1. Romantic dining experiences

A romantic getaway often starts with a small meal. Do you want to make your hotel restaurant stand out? Give couples the chance to have a candlelit meal by the pool, set up a table in a hidden area of your restaurant, or enjoy a private dinner on their bedroom balcony.

For a romantic atmosphere, add flowers, candles, and lanterns to the table. Be subtle. Over-decoration can create a stale atmosphere. If you are traveling with children, offer them babysitting at no charge so that they can enjoy a quiet dinner.

For special occasions like Valentine’s Day, you can think outside the box. You can host a wine-tasting event, present a love song theme to your evening, or project a romantic movie on your restaurant’s giant projector.

2. Tailored itineraries

While some couples may prefer to sleep in, others will love to explore the destination. Offer your couple’s adventure-seeking partners plenty of tips and tricks that will help them make the most of their romantic getaway.

In your destination, suggest unique date night experiences, such as theatre shows, dance classes, and intimate cocktail bars. You can let them know the best places for romantic strolls or the best places to watch the sunset. Make a picnic basket with luxurious snacks, a blanket, and wine to complement their day.

You might also be interested in hosting customized tours, just for two that takes you to the most beloved spots of your destination.

3. Service and special requests

More than anything, catering to guests’ special requests will help you attract couples to your home. It is important to entertain your guests and impress your partner.

Help them create the perfect atmosphere by telling guests that they intend to propose during their stay. To help them get to the location they want to propose, you could offer to hire a chauffeur-driven vehicle.

What about organizing tickets to a favorite event, booking a table in a special restaurant, or giving a tour of the finest jewelers in your region with a personal buyer? You can ease your pre-proposal jitters by offering to send flowers or gifts.

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4. In-room experiences

This tip is especially pertinent to newlyweds. After a fast-paced wedding ceremony, many couples want to check in to their rooms and take some time to themselves. Make sure they have the right ambiance in their room. This will help them relax and keep the romance alive.

Some arrangements include dimmed lights or scented candles, Chocolate beside the bed, and petals scattered on the pillow. If you want to go the extra mile, make sure your bathroom is stocked with luxurious vanity packs and perfumes. You could also give your guests a complimentary massage in their room at a time that suits them.

You should remember that guests might prefer a more casual romantic getaway.

How hotels engage with more couple

Although many hotels have Valentine’s Day focus, there is still a way to draw more couples to your property year-round. These tips will help to win the hearts of guests looking for a romantic getaway.